In Whataburger vs. In-N-Out war, has Rick Perry picked a side?

Rick Perry is the U.S. energy secretary. He’s also the former governor of Texas. That’s important to keep in mind when you see what he tweeted Tuesday.

Perry, visiting labs in California, stopped for some nourishment in the Golden State. According to his Twitter account, he picked a fast food joint emblematic of the West Coast: In-N-Out.

How quickly we forget our roots sometimes. You see, In-N-Out is often the source of great burger-centric debate in this country. Specifically, some people think it’s better than iconic Texas chain Whataburger. (Few Texans would agree.) In recent years, Irvine, California-based In-N-Out has made inroads in Texas, including Austin locations. But it’s Corpus Christi-based Whataburger that has cultivated a fervent Texas fanbase.

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So, all that’s to say: It’s not our place to decide which burger joint is superior. Also, an In-N-Out pit stop while on the road is not a sign of shifting fast food allegiances on the part of pride of Paint Creek. Only one thing is for certain: That order tray definitely contains two burgers and more fries than most people know what to with.

We’re just leaving that tweet up there for you to draw your own conclusions.

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