WATCH: This tiny smoked brisket is the cutest ode to Austin barbecue

11:40 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 Food
Screenshot via Tastemade/Tiny Kitchen on YouTube

It turns out not everything is bigger than Texas.

The YouTube channel Tiny Kitchen, a product of Tastemade, focuses on making really, really tiny versions of your favorite meals. For example, there’s a tiny Happy Meal, a tiny wedding cake and tiny deep-dish pizza. But there’s also a series called “Tiny Kitchen: On The Road” which focuses on recreating local cuisines from around the country -- and earlier this month, they tackled Austin’s favorite food: barbecue.

They smoked a tiny brisket, made some tiny beans in a tiny pot with tiny bacon and even made a teeny-tiny potato salad. 

We can see the tiny line forming now.