San Antonio man faces wrath of Texans for calling our favorite foods ‘pond scum’

Barbecue, fried chicken and guacamole — three of our favorite things as Texans, right? But not for one San Antonio man. As he discovered after broadcasting his loathing of them and other beloved Texas foods on Twitter, we don’t take kindly to anyone hating on them.

“Pond scum,” “makes me want to throw up” and “tastes like an ash try” are just three of the descriptors he uses to describe them in a list that blew up on social media this weekend. We’re all entitled to our own opinions until we talk about Texas barbecue, apparently.

As the San Antonio Express-News reported, people have pretty strong responses for Brian Olson. One of the tweets about his list even compared him to Yolanda Saldívar, the woman who murdered beloved Tejano singer Selena in 1995. (Come on, guys.) Olson, who told the Express-News that he has lived in Texas since he was 8, has seen his Twitter mentions skyrocket to over 1,000.

What other beloved Texas foods and drinks doesn’t he like? Sweet tea, Big Red, or hot dogs. But Whataburger is great; so is barbacoa. (Phew. Mention you don’t like Whataburger and you really might have a full-scale online riot on your hands.) Olson specified these two Texas foods he does love after people began telling him, with varying degrees of politeness, to leave the state.

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“Just because I don't like BBQ doesn't mean I'm not a Texan,” he said in the Express-News article.


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