For the first time in at least 22 years, Austin’s Sixth Street will be open to weekend vehicular traffic.

The segment of East Sixth Street between Congress Avenue and I-35 is typically closed to traffic on weekends and during special events.

Following the announcement that the city would close bars and restaurants in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, police confirmed that they will open Sixth Street to vehicular traffic moving forward. The policy will be reevaluated each weekend.

On Wednesday, some Sixth Street businesses were boarding up their windows and doors.

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Although the street will remain open to pedestrians, police do not expect to see a lot of them.

"Our anticipation is that being the bars will be closed, we will have minimal pedestrian traffic on the weekends," downtown area police Lt. Chris Gwaldo said. "If there is no need for a safety enclosure of Sixth street to keep pedestrian and visitors safe, we will not be closing the streets."

Once bars reopen, the enclosure will again be in place each week Thursday through Saturday during the evenings.

"There is no set date to when we will be doing the weekly enclosure," Gwaldo said.

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