Bold looks are expected this year at South by Southwest, and we’re here to tell you what’s in this season.

With SXSW less than two weeks away, you might have started planning your week of looks, but first, let's talk about your ’fit.

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Somewhere between comfort and the ’90s vibe, you’ll find the South By aesthetic for 2020. Here’s some insight from designers and stylists on some of the top trends you can expect to see walking the streets of Austin during SXSW.


Embrace bright pinks and greens with neon jackets, pants or accessories. Personal stylist Laurel Kinney of Austin says neon as a statement is big this year.

“For a long time it's been all about minimalism, and I feel there is a push in the opposite direction,” Kinney says.


Different designs of swirls of colors are trending, and you can expect to see them everywhere during SXSW.

“Individuality is big in fashion, and tie-dye gives you just that,” says Austin Fashion Week founder Matt Swinney.


It’s out with the minimal and in with the bold as fashion trends turn to animal and adventurous prints.

“People are wanting to be more bold and have a voice through their apparel, so I think prints are going to be around, and they’re going to be loud and exciting,” says fashion designer Brittany Allen, a contestant on season 18 of “Project Runway.”


With all the standing and walking that comes with attending SXSW, you need the perfect shoe, and what’s better than sneakers? From white to colorful to platform to high-top, sneakers are in.

“Sneakers are having a really huge moment right now,” Allen says. “People are going to be taking really cute looks that are really fashionable and trendy and pairing it down with a high-fashion sneaker.”


Throw on a backpack or a cross-body bag to hold the things you need. It’s a lightweight way to get around, says Swinney.

“Having your hands free is definitely a must,” Kinney says. “There’s millions of cross-body bags out there, and a cool backpack is pretty easy to find; I like the leather ones.”