If you’ve been reading some of our Texas Book Festival coverage, you’ll have seen references to La Cocina’s kitchen incubator in the Bay Area.

Program manager Emiliana Puyana was one of the Texas Book Festival panelists I reached out to for a preview of this weekend’s event, and it turns out that she’s hosting another event this weekend to talk about kitchen incubators that will feature a panel with local notables, including Aaron Franklin.

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But what, what is a kitchen incubator? Just like a business incubator, a kitchen incubator is a place, often a commercial kitchen or co-packing space, for small food business owners to launch and grow their ideas, often with mentorship and other assistance from the incubator.

There are a handful of incubator kitchens in Austin, and there’s also a Food Incubation Summit going on this week at a co-working space in East Austin, hosted by The Food Corridor, a Colorado-based company that helps food incubators and shared kitchens work more efficiently with customers, regulating agencies and other small commercial kitchens.

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It’s a growing industry, especially with the increase in small consumer packaged good food business and virtual restaurants.

As part of a “La Cocina” book tour, Puyana has gathered a panel of people to get together at 4 p.m. Sunday at the Carpenter Hotel, 400 Josephine Street, to talk about incubator kitchens and other changes in the food industry.

Chef Reem Assil, a La Cocina Alum and James Beard Semifinalist, will speak alongside Puyana, Carpenter Hotel chef Grae Nonas and fellow Texas Book Fest author Aaron Franklin, while attendees enjoy bits and sips from the restaurant.

Guests will go home with a copy of the book, with sales going to La Cocina. You can find tickets on Eventbrite.