Think Valentine’s Day sucks? House of Torment has a vampire-themed haunted house for you

Does anyone really like Valentine’s Day? The restaurants are packed, the flowers are wildly marked up, the babysitters are all taken, and who needs that much chocolate so soon after the December holidays?

Actually, I take that back ... we can always use more chocolate.


Still, Valentine’s Day is just a made-up holiday. Not like my favorite day of the year, Halloween, which has a rich history, no relationship pressures and all the chocolate you could hope for.

Prefer terror over true love? Austin’s House of Torment is kicking cupid to the curb and unleashing the children of the night for “Love Bites: A Valentine’s Day Haunted House.”

This one-weekend-only fright fest has a vampire theme, and it’s not those cute sparkly vamps from “Twilight.” 

Here’s what the website has to say about the storyline:

“Lord Tenebris has slept for centuries waiting, anticipating, a world easy to take over. His brides have searched during his slumber waiting for the world to be ready. That time is now. His minions are hatching, his brood is returning, his legacy is on the horizon. Do you have what it takes to vanquish Lord Tenebris? Are you brave enough to enter the decaying manor and banish these creatures of the night from this world?”

Think your heart is strong enough to vanquish these vamps? Head out to House of Torment on Feb. 9-10.

Or, you can stay at home and watch the original “Love Bites”:


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