These Statesman readers aren’t about nopales being called the ‘hottest food trend of 2018’

1:54 p.m Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018 Food
Agencia reforma
Photo by: Marco Antonio Sotomayor/Ahora Si

A video posted to Facebook by NowThisFood earlier this month called nopales (or prickly pear cactus) the “hottest food trend in 2018.”

READ: People can’t believe nopales being called ‘hottest food trend of 2018’

American-Statesman readers came out in droves to denounce the label and react to the traditional Mexican dish’s designation on our Facebook page. 

Read a sampling of what they had to say below: 

Nopales can be eaten raw or cooked. The taste of nopales is sometimes likened to green beans. 

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