Austin-based One Good Turn, which travels the world helping communities get educated about simple health care prevention techniques, has come out with a coronavirus handbook.

Right now on Amazon, the downloadable version of the "Corona Care Handbook: Helping You Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic" is free. A printed version is $23.99.

Inside are tips on how to avoid the virus, what to do if you do get the virus or someone in your house has the virus, as well as how to track your symptoms. There are also breathing exercises you can do to help keep it from settling into your lungs.

"My goal is to keep people out of the hospital," says Dr. Ann Messer, the founder of One Good Turn, when she reveal the first part of the book, the symptom tracker in June.

The One Good Turn website also has practical tips such as how to clean a cloth mask, how to get used to wearing a mask, how to use a ride share safely during the pandemic, how to stay in a hotel safely, how to cope with stress, how to safely get gasoline, how to grocery shop safely and how soap works against the virus.

It also has a ranking of activities by their risk factor of getting the virus.