Community First Villlage now has access to WiFi and other technology that can be a barrier for people who have been homeless. The Mobile Loves & Fishes village of tiny homes recreational vehicles and mobile homes for 200 formerly homeless men and women has been connected with free Wifi, unlimited internet services, free calls and texts and 3-D movies by Rokit Group. The residents also are being given free 3-D enabled smartphones to access the technology.

Rokit Group was co-founded by British entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick and Austin’s John Paul DeJoria, who co-founded the John Paul Mitchell Systems hair product line and founded Patron Spirits Co. tequila.

Rokit began the Rokit Cities program in 2018 to connect rural locations in India. It now has 70 similar locations in the U.S. and around the world signed up to be part of the Rokit Cities program. Community First! is the first little city in the United States to be fully WiFi connected, DeJoria says.

"I know what homelessness feels like," said DeJoria said in a press release. He started Paul Mitchell when he was living in his car. "People need a place to belong, but they also need to feel connected to others and by giving them smartphones and free access to the internet, we are taking the steps in order to make them feel more part of a community."