Are the kids alright? That’s been a big question since March when the pandemic began months of physical and social isolation. Their mental health has been a big part of the discussion around should kids go back to school in August and if so, how?

WETA public media station and the National Alliance on Mental Illness is offering a one-hour virtual town hall Tuesday at 10 a.m. to launch Well Beings, a media campaign to address the mental health needs in America starting with the Youth Mental Health Project.

You’ll hear from actors like Austin’s Matthew McConaughey, Billy Porter, Josh Gad, Bill Pullman, Demi Moore and Sean Astin; singers Alanis Morissette, Jewel and Kid Cudi; celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito; and mental health experts, as well as teens sharing their stories.

WETA is also launching a cross-country tour of virtual and in-person events dedicated to spreading mental health awareness and resources. Austin is not yet one of the stops.

You can catch the live stream on Tuesday at