Well, we told you to say yes yes yes.

GQ on Monday released its 2020 list of the best new restaurants in the U.S., and Austin’s DipDipDip Tatsu-Ya made the cut.

Writer Brett Martin praised the North Austin shabu-shabu spot for its interactivity, interior ("a Matrix version of the New York Public Library reading room") and hot pot cuisine ("chicken meatballs dispensed directly into your broth by a wandering meatball person wielding something resembling a bamboo caulk gun").

"It's not quite relaxing," Martin writes of the DipDipDip experience, "but it is very fun and strangely satisfying, suggesting that diners, like Montessori kids, are rarely as happy as when they've been given a job to do."

In November, Austin360 dining critic Matthew Odam graded DipDipDip Tatsu-Ya a 9 out of 10.

"Austin has few restaurants serving hot pots — Basil Thai, Li Hot Pot & BBQ, and A&A Schuan among them — but DipDipDip sets itself apart with an elegant atmosphere, near ritualized service and guided instruction and, most importantly, next-level quality ingredients," he wrote last year.

It didn’t make the final cut, but GQ also took time in its list intro to praise Austin modern Mexican restaurant Comedor and its marrow bones. Comedor also earned a rating of 9 from Austin360 last year and came in at No. 6 on our list of best restaurants.

DipDipDip Tatsu-Ya is currently closed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Its cousin, Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, made GQ’s list of best new restaurants in 2017. Read more at GQ.


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