As coronavirus fears spread, so does the interest in getting health insurance. What happens if you’ve missed the window to apply through the Affordable Care Act’s

Austin-based Decent,, provides insurance for people who are self-employed or are contractors, and has seen its sales triple in the last few weeks.

Policies for 30-year-old nonsmoking male start at $238 a month, or that same male with a family of four for $803 a month. If you bought a policy now, it won’t take effect until May 1. It always begins at least one full month ahead and not until the first of a month.

Nick Soman who started Decent last year did so after his own health care scare, 10 years ago when he had Guillain-Barré disease and was paralyzed. "If I had not had insurance, I would be broke or possibly dead," Soman said.