Here are some of the most exciting new releases in movies, TV, books, comics, music and more on the horizon in October. As always, release dates are subject to change without notice.

"The End of the World” by Don Hertzfeldt (Random House). I don’t know why Austin animator Don Hertzfeldt hasn’t won an Oscar. He’s been nominated twice (and robbed twice) for his legitimately brilliant animated shorts. Here, we have a new edition of his 2013 graphic novel drawn on Post-Its while he was working on his animated projects; part of it became the stunningly great short “World of Tomorrow.” (Oct. 1)

“Nancy: A Comic Collection” by Olivia Jaimes (Andrews McMeel). Speaking of brilliant, the world of newspaper comics and the fans who follow them was changed April 9, 2018, when a pseudonymous cartoonist called Oliva Jaimes took over the extremely long-running strip and breathed new, surreal life into it. One of the great contemporary strips. (Oct. 1)

The 2019 Austin City Limits Music Festival. It’s that time of year again! Look to Austin360 for a whole lot of coverage of bands such as Guns N’ Roses, the Cure and more. (Oct. 4-6, Oct. 11-13)

Wilco, “Ode to Joy” (dBpm/Anti-). Wilco’s 10,000th album (OK, fine, their 11th). Boy howdy, has that band ever figured out how to make their whole deal work over the long term. Salut, Jeff Tweedy and bandmates! (Oct. 4)

“Joker.” An origin story for the "Batman" bad guy starring an apparently very powerful and very disturbing Joaquin Phoenix as an aging comic named Arthur Fleck who just cannot catch a break. It picked up the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Some have called it brilliant, some have called it “8Chan: the Movie.” Let’s see how this goes. (Oct. 4)

“Dolemite Is My Name.” Aka the first good Eddie Murphy movie in a very long time. Murphy is apparently terrific as comedian Rudy Ray Moore, who reinvented himself as Dolemite, a 1970s pimp. When that doesn’t quite work onstage, Moore turns the persona into a movie, making a stone-cold blaxploitation classic. Fantastic Fest audiences were reportedly blown away. (Oct. 4)

“Batwoman” (CW). Model/actress Ruby Rose stars as Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin who, noting the Batman’s absence in Gotham, becomes Batwoman. Greg Berlanti produces yet another CW DC Comics show, where his batting average far outstrips the film division. (Oct. 7)

“Primal” (Adult Swim). “Caveman plus dinosaur” is a formula that has been done before (the bonkers 1970s Jack Kirby comic “Devil Dinosaur” comes to mind). But this is by Genndy “Samurai Jack” Tartakovsky, so you give it shot. (Oct. 7-8; starts at midnight)

“Riverdale” (The CW). The most insane teen drama on TV returns. (Oct. 9)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Ghosteen” (Ghosteen). The newest from one of the great songwriters of his era. Has anyone had a third act as good as Cave’s? (Oct. 11, download only. Physical copies are due in November.)

“Letterkenny” (Hulu). Yet another season of the deeply odd Canadian sitcom. (Oct. 15)

“Treadstone” (USA). Best description of this thing is “What if ‘Heroes,’ whom the creators of this also worked on, were set in the Jason Bourne universe?” Sleeper agents trained by the same crew that created Mr. Bourne are activated. Expect lots of kicking. (Oct. 15)

“The Drifting Classroom: Perfect Edition, Vol. 1” by Kazuo Umezu (Viz). A definitive edition, featuring an all-new translation, of one of the bleakest, scariest manga ever made. After an earthquake, an entire Japanese elementary school is transported to a terrifying world where students and teachers must fight to survive as they and the adults slowly go mad. I first read this 1972 work after my eldest just started kindergarten — not smart. A horror landmark. (Oct. 15)

Clipping, “There Existed an Addiction to Blood” (Sub Pop). A new album from this experimental trio, which features actor Daveed Diggs, is always worth a spin. (Oct. 18)

“Zombieland: Double Tap.” A sequel to the surprisingly good 2009 horror/comedy “Zombieland.” Directed by Ruben Fleischer, who directed both the original and the 2018 “Venom” which is ... not good, exactly, but is completely insane, which is better. (Oct. 18)

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“Watchmen” (HBO). Yet another swing at the entirely-too-influential graphic novel, which, yes, remains a terrific work of superhero fiction. The 2009 feature film was largely awful. Now “Lost” creator Damon Lindelof tries it as a series inspired, loosely, by the book. I was 12 when "Watchmen" started in 1986 and I read it in real time — of course it changed my life. This? I am approaching with caution. Just stay away from Leonard Cohen songs during sex scenes, Damon. (Oct. 20)

The Austin Film Festival. It’s that time of year again! Austin360 will have all sorts of coverage of this writer-focused conference. (Oct. 24-Oct. 31)

“Pain and Glory.” This newest from Pedro Almodóvar is supposed to be in the “another masterpiece” category rather than the “weirdly terrible” category (“I’m So Excited,” we’ll never forget you.) (Oct. 25)

Negativland, “True False” (Seeland). The sound collage pioneers first studio album in five years and first since the passings of members Ian Allen, Don Joyce and Richard Lyons. (Oct, 25)

Ringo Starr, “What’s My Name” (Ringo Starr/UMe). No idea who this guy is, but he covers John Lennon’s “Grow Old With Me” with Paul McCartney on bass and backup vocals. I wish this up-and-comer luck. (Oct. 25)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Colorado” (Reprise). Their first new music since 2012’s “Psychedelic Pill”; Crazy Horse here is drummer Ralph Molina and bassist Billy Talbot and, hello, guitarist Nils Lofgren, who has not been in Crazy Horse since Nixon was in office. (Oct. 25)

The Texas Book Festival. It’s that time of year again! Austin360 and the American-Statesman will be providing complete coverage of this incredible event, which is free and open to the public. (Oct. 26-27)

“The Beautiful Ones” by Prince (Spiegel & Grau). The memoir on which he was working at the time of his death. Cannot wait. (Oct. 29)

“Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel” by Lee Child (Delacorte Press). Every year, Lee Child writes and publishes a Jack Reacher novel, about an ex-Army MP who wanders the earth like Caine in “Kung Fu,” righting wrongs. Some are merely okay, some are good, a few are terrific; all of them are fun. (Oct. 29)

Halloween. It rules! Probably the best holiday, to be honest! Have fun! Adults, make it fun for kids! Kids, stop trick or treating if you are at puberty! (Oct. 31)