From Austin Fashion Week to Fashion X Austin to Fashion for Good: That's the evolution of the now-twice-a-year events that are beginning their 11th year in October.

Businessman Matt Swinney, who started Austin Fashion Week, explains that the new name Fashion for Good answers the question, "What separates you guys from a traditional fashion week?"

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"We always felt like we had a deeper community impact than just the fashion industry," Swinney says.

He says he decided to "call it what it is and really focus on what it is."

This year, Austin Fashion for Good will have events over a week in October that include a shopping event, a fashion show with dogs, a fashion show with 15 independent designers and a fashion show with models who represent local nonprofit organizations.

Between the dogs and the amateur models, Swinney says, "Who knows what is going to happen on the runway? We're not solving world peace here. We're trying to create opportunities for unique entertainment."

Austin Fashion for Good will continue to have its traditional larger fashion week in spring as well as these fall events.

Fashion for Good has now spread to Dallas and Houston and will start in San Antonio in February. If the right sponsor came along, Swinney said, they would start a Fashion for Good in other cities.

Fashion for Good will launch something new this month: an online shopping page featuring the independent designers it works with. "We're trying to aggregate some of that community in one space," he says. 

Often, independent designers don't know how to launch their own sites or market them, and Swinney's hope is that he can create a place for people to find new designers and their creations, and a place where if they see something they like at a Fashion for Good event, they can then buy it online.