The honeybees are in decline, which could spell disaster for food production in this country and the world at large. But there's at least one small thing you can do this week to bring bees back to local hives.

And it's something that's pretty fun: enjoying a cocktail.

Aberfeldy Distillery, the maker of single malt whisky in Scotland, has partnered with more than 20 bars in the U.S. — including 8 in Austin — to offer signature Scotch-based cocktails in honor of Saturday's National Honey Bee Day. For every one of these drinks purchased, Aberfeldy plans to donate 12 bees in the customer’s name to hives at local bee conservancies. In Austin, that's Two Hives Honey.

"Partnering with local beekeepers is a natural match for Aberfeldy, as the whisky’s honeyed tasting notes perfectly complement honey-based cocktails like the Hive Minded at Contigo," Aberfeldy brand ambassador Irene Jeanotte said.

The initiative is part of the Scotch brand's global Barrels and Bees program, which is focused on championing the honey produced at local bee farms as a key ingredient in cocktails. Honey is a natural sweeteners that bartenders can turn to in place of simple syrup or other sugar options.

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Here's a list of the participating Austin bars and each of the Aberfeldy cocktails they'll be featuring. Keep an eye on the availability of each one — some are being served one day only, others more widely throughout this week and into September.


Hive Minded, $10: Aberfeldy 12 Year Old, chamomile-infused honey, lemon, soda, Angostura bitters
Available now through Aug. 17.
Contigo is also hosting a Bee Day event on the bar's deck with a honey-themed dish and a honey harvest demonstration with Two Hives Honey

CU29 Cocktail Bar

Honey, I'm a Pink Lady, $12: Aberfeldy 12, local honey syrup, lemon juice
Available now through Sept. 16


Golden Dram, $12: Aberfeldy 12, honey, Angostura bitters
Available Wednesday only

Half Step

Bee Keeper, $10: Aberfeldy, Angostura bitters, absinthe, honey, lemon twist
Available now through Aug. 18

Nickel City

Bees in the Trap, $10: Aberfeldy, chamomile tea, lemon, honey
Available now through Aug. 17

Odd Duck

Summertime Blues, $13: Aberfeldy 12, blueberry honey, lemon, amaro abano
Available now through Aug. 18

Roaring Fork Downtown Austin

Blues Bee: Aberfeldy, local honey syrup, blueberry simple, lemon juice
Available now through Aug. 31

Seven Grand

Queen Bee Collins, $12: Aberfeldy 12, honey, lemon, hopped grapefruit bitters
Available Aug. 17 through Sept. 17