We are full on going back to school. There are many books to get your ready to gear up, both for parents and for kids.

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One that crossed my desk last week was "Girl Activist: Winning Strategies from Women Who've Made a Difference," by Louisa Kamps, Susanna Daniel and Michelle Wildgen. ($12.99, Downtown Bookworks)

We know that sometimes relationships between girls in school can be difficult. "Girl Activist" highlights the stories of both historical figures like Rosa Parks and Jane Goodall and new leaders like actress Emma Watson, singer Lady Gaga and Austin's own Lizzie Velásquez. Velásquez was cyberbullied when a video of her was titled "The World's Ugliest Woman." Through Ted Talks, books, a TV ad and a documentary of her life, Velásquez has taught a generation how to stand up to cyberbullying.

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"Girl Activist" could be one of those books you just slip onto your daughter's desk. With colorful illustrations and engaging text, it will be one she'll find herself flipping through.

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