Particle Kid, “Window Rock” (Oar). Micah Nelson chose this alias for his music after mis-hearing his father Willie referring to him as the “prodigal kid.” It seems fitting, as musically Micah is the one who’s definitely strayed furthest afield from the family’s deep roots in country and Americana. Micah’s done his share of that stuff too, playing with his brother Lukas in Neil Young’s band plus joining Willie and Lukas on 2017’s “Willie & the Boys” record. But as Particle Kid, he’s pushing into much more adventurous and at times experimental realms. The Bandcamp page for Particle Kid shows more than a dozen albums, EPs and singles strewn across the past decade, but “Window Rock” feels like a step up: There’s a lyrical focus and a unifying vibe to these nine tracks, even as Micah continues to push the envelope artistically. Elements of punk, folk, psychedelia, noise-rock and more have a place within Particle Kid’s vision, which in the end sounds not only like no other Nelson family member, but no other contemporary musician. Playing Aug. 14 at Stubb’s indoor. Here’s the official video for the track “Still Going”:



Hanna Barakat, “Siren.” A native Texan born to an American mother and a Lebanese father, Barakat’s passion for Arabic music and culture led her to spend time in Beirut after graduating from Boston’s esteemed Berklee College of Music. “Siren,” her debut album, incorporates some of those influences into music that’s grounded in 1980s/1990s hard rock. With a powerful voice that’s placed front and center by producer John Moyer (bassist for the Disturbed), Barakat goes for big drama here, an intriguing contrast to the 21st-century indie sounds more commonly found in Austin’s primary rock venues. Release show Aug. 30 at Come & Take It Live. Here’s the title track:


Hickoids, “All The World’s A Dressing Room: Live in L.A. 08.24.2018” (Saustex). Recorded last summer at Cafe Nela in Los Angeles, this 14-song romp from Austin’s long-running corn-punk rockers captures the hard-charging energy of the band’s live performances. Old favorites from the Hickoids catalog mix with covers from the likes of Elvis, Elton and the Doobies all emblazoned with the Hickoids’ trademark raunch-&-roll swagger. Playing Sept. 16 at Empire. Here’s the opening track, “Brand New Way”:



AUG. 23: Midland, "Let It Roll" (Big Machine).

AUG. 23: Croy & the Boys, “Howdy High-Rise” (Spaceflight), in-store Aug. 22 at Waterloo Records, release show Aug. 24 at Sam’s Town Point.

AUG. 23: Seth James, “Good Life” (Cherry Bomb).

AUG. 30: Matthew Squires, “Visions of America,” release show Aug. 30 at Independence Brewing.

SEPT. 6: Golden Dawn Arkestra, “Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time” (11A).

SEPT. 13: Shawn Colvin, “Steady On” 30th anniversary edition, new solo-acoustic take on her debut album, playing Sept. 5 at Cactus Cafe.

SEPT. 13: Hot Club of Cowtown, “Wild Kingdom” (Gold Strike).

SEPT. 14: Andrew Nolte, “Climbing Uphill” EP, release show Sept. 14 at Saxon Pub.

SEPT. 20: Madi Meeks, self-titled, release show Sept. 20 at Carousel Lounge.

OCT. 18: Fastball, “The Help Machine” (33-⅓).

NOV. 8: JM Stevens, “Invisible Lines.”

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