When the heat gets this extreme, sometimes you gotta get out of the kitchen. The soaring temperatures and humidity are starting to take their toll on some of Austin’s food truck operators.

The owner of JewBoy Burgers (5000 Burnet Road) announced on Facebook this morning that he was taking a break for safety concerns. He writes: “I'm very sorry to say this, but I'm afraid the heat has gotten the better of us. Between the temperature, the Austin humidity and of course our grill and fryer, I'm afraid it's unsafe to operate inside. Killing me to do this, but we're gonna take a few days off while I figure out how to cool it off inside the mothership. I apologize to all our customers and to anyone we miss this weekend. We should be back next week. Stay tuned and stay cool homies.”

The burger trailer is not alone. While they haven’t tied their temporary closure to the heat, Top 10 barbecue spot Kerlin BBQ is closing for summer vacation August 12-29. Before they let the fires cool, however, they are hosting their sixth anniversary party Saturday with live music and free beer.

And, in other closing news not related to heat, Italian trailer Regal Ravioli posted on Twitter that they usually take their trailer in for inspection every year at this point but this year have decided to close instead. It is unclear if the pasta trailer located at Hi Sign Brewing is closing permanently; we’ve reached out for confirmation.

If you hear of any more heat-related or summer-related closures, leave a comment or email modam@statesman.com.


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