The proof that a whole lot of Americans care an awful lot about the Marvel heroes came last week, when "Avengers: Endgame" posted a record-breaking $60 million from April 25 evening previews, the highest preview gross ever. "Endgame" opened in a record 4,662 locations on April 26.

This week on "I Love You So Much," the podcast from the Austin360 features team, culture writer Joe Gross discusses the Marvel cinematic universe with City Hall reporter — and self-described Giant Nerd — Phil Jankowski, specifically a very particular quest Phil went on in the three weeks leading up to the premiere of "Endgame." Jankowski decided to rewatch all 21 movies in the MCU series to prepare for "Endgame."

Phil talks with Joe about what he liked, didn’t like and what he learned during his great experiment.

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