What is it like running one of Austin's last video rental stores? Vulcan Video general manager Jacob Knight is this week's guest on "I Love You So Much: The Austin360 Podcast," and in the episode, he chats with hosts Addie Broyles and Alyssa Vidales about why having analog access to film and TV shows is still important and worth preserving, even in our digital world where everything seems streamable.

Knight, who co-hosts the "Planet Vulcan" podcast with fellow film lover Rockie Juarez, has been working at the store for more than seven years and has learned a lot about why people are drawn to a physical store when it's time to pick out a movie or TV show to watch. The film critic and former projectionist also explained why the store has become a community hub for techies, Trekkies and Luddites alike and why moving pictures, though one of our youngest art forms, are unlike any other in the history of human creation.

With the Oscars upon us, Austin360 critics Joe Gross and Matthew Odam share their favorite films of 2018 and their predictions for this year's Academy Awards. They talk about what's overrated, what's underrated and why we still care so much about this long-running awards show that has become one of the most important televised events of the year.

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