Sometimes it’s a cup, sometimes it’s a Pringles can, and sometimes it’s both.

Inspired by the Wichita Falls woman who was banned from her local Walmart after riding an electric shopping cart while drinking wine out of a Pringles can in the wee hours of the morning, Celeste Powers created a 20-ounce “Pringles wine tumbler” for her Etsy shop.

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The Wichita Falls woman became an internet celebrity for her parking lot escapade earlier this month, eliciting reactions of pity, sympathy or just straight up “#relatable.”

And now, for only $29.99 plus shipping, you too can join in on the wine-drinking-Walmart fun.

You can even choose what flavor you want your stainless steel tumbler to be, if you’re partial to that kind of thing. Keep it classic with original, or go against the grain with a salt and vinegar vessel (unfortunately, no one has bothered to note what flavor our heroine originally chose).

“When the Pringles/wine article ran, I couldn't help but laugh. You really can see and experience it all at Walmart," Powers told KDFW. "I felt bad when Walmart banned her, because we've all been there, right?" Have we?

It just goes to show that life truly imitates art. Or art imitates life. Whichever.