World's biggest bounce house coming to San Antonio


World's biggest bounce house coming to San Antonio

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Bruce R. Bennett/The Palm Beach Post
Regular bounce houses are big fun for wee kids, but The Big Bounce America is 10,000 square feet of inflatable wonderland.

In just over three weeks the biggest bounce house in the world is coming to San Antonio. 

From Oct. 20-22, The Big Bounce America will bring its 10,000 square feet to the Alamo City, an inflatable Shangri-La for children and adults who are young at heart — or who just like tired kids.

Even this description from The Big Bounce’s website will wear you out a little:

We dreamed of obstacle courses, foam pits, giant slides and basketball hoops. We dreamed of inflatable forests, inflatable boats and inflatable gorillas taller than apartment blocks all contained within the walls of our candy-colored castle. We dreamed of DJs spinning from a stage in the middle of all this, of massive sound-systems, confetti blasts, beach balls and all manner of thrilling entertainment happening around us as we bounced. And we dreamed that it was big. Really, really big.

For those of you who haven’t temporarily lost a toddler in the regular-size attractions around Austin, or who haven’t had an autistic boy get so high on adrenaline at a trampoline park that he was still climbing the walls of his bedroom at 11 p.m. …. well, it sounds like fun.

It will be at the Wheatley Heights Sports Complex on the east side of San Antonio, but you likely can’t just show up. You have to buy tickets ahead of time. A ticket, ranging from $5 to $22 depending on age and time (plus fees, of course) will buy you an hour inside what’s been called a “Bouncy Behometh,” “The Taj Mahal of Bounce Houses,” “The Fortress of Fun” and a “Bounce Fiefdom” by an Atlas Obscura article that is driven to quote from the poem “Ozymandias” and reference both Godzilla and Frankenstein’s monster.

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