This is the Austin trivia team you and your friends don’t want to play with


This is the Austin trivia team you and your friends don’t want to play with

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Rodolfo Gonzalez/Austin American-Statesman
File photo: People play trivia during Geeks that Drink at the Black Star Coop in Austin, Texas. (Austin American-Statesman / Rodolfo Gonzalez)

You and your friends are looking to try your hand in the Austin trivia scene. You walk into a bar, scan the sign-up sheet, and then you see it. 

The team name you don’t want to see listed. Because, as Texas Monthly reports, the members of Post-Trebek Stress Disorder have all either competed on or won while competing on “Jeopardy!” -- and now they’re coming for you, Austin trivia. 

The team, PTSD, started with Austin author and three-time “Jeopardy!” winner Neal Pollack wanting to “keep his brain sharp.” He started a Facebook group for local “Jeopardy!” participants and formed “a rotating ensemble of at least 15” trivia team members. 

The team competes most often in the brand of pub trivia that Texas Monthly says dominates the Austin scene: Geeks Who Drink

As the magazine reports, however, “the same knowledge that makes for a successful “Jeopardy!” contestant doesn’t necessarily translate over into the Geeks Who Drink world.”

Basically, there’s less of that history stuff and more of that Drake. 

The members of PTSD told Texas Monthly they can tell the difference. But it hasn’t hindered their performance. In Geeks Who Drink’s national Rumble in the Pub competition the team regularly places among the top 10 and earlier this month made the top five. 

Like we said. Check the sign-up sheet before you settle in, nerds. 

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