This Texas attorney threw his son a $4 million birthday party

Dec 13, 2017
Photo Credit: Jay Layno

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

And by that I mean if you’ve got millions of dollars, why not spend it throwing your children the most epic parties in Texas history?

Thomas Henry Jr., the son of San Antonio attorney Thomas J. Henry, is maybe the luckiest 18-year-old in Texas. At the Hotel Discotheque lounge in San Antonio this past weekend, Henry’s father threw him a “The Great Gatsby”-themed $4 million party for his birthday featuring special guests Diplo, J Balvin and Migos. It was attended by some seriously famous folks: Ashanti, Lance Bass, Josh Henderson, Rumer Willis and more.

Henry also received a “fully loaded” blue Ferrari as a birthday gift.

This party had everything (pause for Stefon to join us):

Aerial performers, art installations, burlesque showgirls, a cigar and whiskey lounge, an ice bar, a lobster and caviar bar, “whimsical libations” and of course, an incredible amount of champagne.

Last year, the Henrys threw their daughter, Maya, a $6 million quinceañera. Because, you know, why not.