The latest in ‘man cave cute’: Voice-activated whiskey decanter

Be your garage a haven for gearheads, sports fans, outdoorsmen, music aficionados or wannabe dive bar owners, there’s probably … somewhere … a master list of absolutely unnecessary man cave items that nobody needs.

On top of that list, clearly, is a sign that says “Man Cave.” I don’t care how clever it is. Yes, it’s made out of bottle caps — put it back, mom.

But climbing right toward a close second is the latest bit of pseudo-tech from whiskey-maker Jim Beam …

That’s right. The company that was making booze when George Washington was president has given us a gadget. 

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“JIM,” the world’s first smart decanter will answer some stock questions with cute answers (voiced by master distiller Fred Noe), but, most importantly, JIM will pour you a shot of whiskey, if you ask him to. Or, as the video shows, about two-thirds of a shot.

Jim Beam’s website doesn’t lack for confidence, boasting of “groundbreaking shot-pouring functionality that allows legal drinking age consumers to serve up a drink without lifting a finger.”

There is, however, no word on how much whiskey you can drink before JIM has trouble understanding you. The jersey-wearing bro in the video (with the “I’m-in-freefall” hairstyle) nicely says “Hey JIM, pour me a drink” and it works fine. But much later, when he’s all “JIM!YouplashticsumbishgimmeWHISHKEY!” … will it work then?

The good news, if you’ve decided you need this under your “Man Cave” sign, is that JIM is only $35. The bad news? They’re sold out right now.

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And … oh yeah, the voice activation capabilities? The thing that makes this a gadget rather than a than a bottle wearing a spiffy plastic jacket? Yeah, the “3G capabilities will expire after roughly six months,” the website says. And then … you’ve got a bottle wearing a spiffy plastic jacket.

In fact, Jim Beam doesn’t have a great deal of confidence in JIM, even from the get go. He’s listed with a full paragraph of fine print pointing out that he is sold “as-is.” 

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