The completely terrifying Clown Motel is up for sale. Austin horror fans, let’s do this.


The Clown Motel is up for sale.

Yes, that is a thing and now, according to the fine people at LasVegasNow,  you can buy it for a cool $900,000.

The Clown Motel is located in Tonopah, between Las Vegas and Reno. 

It is covered with clowns. 


They are in the lobby. Some of them are hanging over the bed.

As owner Bob Perchetti told LasVegasNow, "This is a historic mining town. What's a Clown Motel doing in a historic mining town? That's kind of strange."


Also, the motel is next to Tonopah's first cemetery, so that’s completely terrifying (and really canny marketing on Perchetti’s part). 

Perchetti and his late business partner started the motel 22 years ago. Its popularity exploded as the Internet spread word of its terror factor.

Austin is full of horror fans, and I ask of them: Is it time for Austin investors to get into the clown motel business?

For some background, check out this EXTREMELY CREEPY (no, really) episode of the amazing podcast War Rocket Ajax, in which hosts Chris Sims and Matt D. Wilson talk to writer Christopher Sebela about his 30 DAY STAY IN THE CLOWN MOTEL and the zine he wrote about it. 

Here is a link to the zine.

And just to remind you about how great clowns are, here is the trailer to the remake of Stephen King’s “It”

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