Texans’ booze tastes are decidedly bottom-shelf, studies say

You might be more likely to find Bud Light than Shiner Bock in many bars.

You might want to put those pinkies down the next time you’re on Rainey Street. According to two studies, most Texans might not be drinking craft beers or artisanal cocktails when they’re out at the bars.

According to Business Insider, one study calls Jack Daniel’s the most popular hard liquor in Texas, citing not-quite-airtight figures from a social app called “BARTRENDr.” The article says that the app company “analyzed data from its 700,000 users to determine the most popular liquor brand in every state based on posts and photos of the liquors its users like to drink,” so the results would definitely (not) pass peer review.

On the hoppier side of the booze spectrum, data crawlers Priceonomics published a study on their blog last month claiming Bud Light is the most commonly available beer at bars in Texas (not Lone Star or Shiner like one might assume/earnestly hope). This study, also to be swallowed cautiously, used state-by-state bar menu data from a website called BeerMenus to arrive at its conclusion. Priceonomics also drills a little further than the liquor study with information for select cities. Apparently, the most commonly available beer on Austin menus is Real Ale Fireman’s #4, according to the study’s data set. As far as other local beer stereotypes go: Only 14 percent of the Austin bars considered offer the hipster-favorite brew Pabst Blue Ribbon, and our fair burg didn’t even place on the “Beer Snob Cities” list. Blame that abundant availability of macrobrews statewide, maybe?

Now if you will excuse us, we Austinites have a few flights of mezcal and some homebrewed IPAs to enjoy.

Rocking the vote

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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign website devotes entire pages to issues like economic growth, lowering taxes, retiring the federal debt, national security and shrinking government. Not likely to join those planks: the Republican presidential candidate’s thoughts on James Hetfield’s oeuvre.

According to music news site Stereogum, musician and Internet personality Cinco Sanders intercepted Perry at a South Carolina town hall event and asked the former governor a question not likely to be covered at any debate: What is his favorite Metallica album?

Quoth the guv in video footage of the encounter: “I don’t think I got any Metallica albums.”

Before that, Sanders prompts Perry with a mention of the heavy metal band’s smash 1991 single “Enter Sandman.” When Perry seems to signal recognition of that song, Sanders tries to interpret that as a vote for the band’s self-titled LP, also known as “The Black Album,” on which “Enter Sandman” appears.

Keep Austin sexy

The usual suspects on the Playboy blog? Posts with headlines that read “Women on Tinder can’t resist this genius ‘pickup line game’” and “Will naked horseback riding make England’s roads safer?” Yet for the recent “America’s 25 Sexiest Cities 2015” post, the men’s magazine dug into a least a little bit of data to come up with their ranked list.

Playboy used two surveys, as well as city data from personal finance company NerdWallet, to name and rank the 25 metros where they say “the good people of America are sexting, swiping right, hanging out and hooking up” the most.

Their criteria focused on a population’s attractiveness, nightlife and “an undercurrent of desire.” Okay, so the findings probably aren’t 100 percent scientific. But we’re going to make note of the Austin shout-out anyways: At No. 13, the capital of Texas was named just slightly sexier than Minneapolis and slightly less sexy than Philadelphia.

— Hannah Thornby, American-Statesman staff


• Former Longhorn and current Raven Justin Tucker seems to have settled in quite nicely in Baltimore. The Ravens placekicker traded in his purple uniform for a suit to hilariously spoof Matthew McConaughey in a local car dealership commercial.

Tucker totally nails McConaughey, from the laser-focused stare, to the subtle rubbing of his fingers, down to his signature phase — “alright.” McConaughey added car salesman to his resume last year with a series of famous Lincoln ads, one of which was shot in downtown Austin.

— Maribel Molina, American-Statesman staff

• Texas’ own Kelly Clarkson announced during a Los Angeles concert Wednesday that she is expecting her second child, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Sandra Bullock brought a new beau to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding Aug. 5, Us Weekly reports. Insiders (whoever they might happen to be) say that the man in question is a photographer and “super hot but also super normal.” Congratulations to Bullock and the walking superlative.


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