See the stunning photos inspired by the ‘Hobby Lobby’ challenge


See the stunning photos inspired by the ‘Hobby Lobby’ challenge

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Still working on upping your Instagram game? A trip to a local crafts store might do the trick, thanks to a social media trend people are calling the “Hobby Lobby” challenge.

According to Buzzfeed, 22-year-old Kelsey Maggart really got the ball rolling after her photo shoot in a Hobby Lobby location went viral on Twitter.

The social media challenge involves photographers and models taking headshots at the popular arts and craft store, often in the aisles of fake flowers. 

Even with the store’s fluorescent lighting, the challenge encourages photographers to edit and add effects to make the photos truly stand out. 

Some Twitter users even shared photos of the action behind the scenes. 

The challenge isn’t even limited to Hobby Lobby, as some photoshoots have taken place at other retail stores with plant sections. 

Anyone thinking of taking part in the trend should take note: Many retailers often don’t allow for photos to be taken inside their stores. Turns out not getting caught is just one part of the challenge.

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