This San Antonio man made 100 trips to Whataburger in a year and celebrated like royalty

Take a bow, the Whataking has arrived.

His name is Tommy Guitron, he lives in San Antonio and he’s made 100 -- yep, one hundred -- trips to Whataburger. 

So he celebrated with a crown made of a burger wrapper, a scepter made of a free cup and a royal sash made of paper bags.

“Sure,” you say. “I’ve gone to Whataburger hundreds of times, no big deal.” 

But as of November 2017, Guitron had counted 100 trips on his Whataburger app. The app debuted in November 2016, which means he racked up that many trips in just about a year. That’s about eight trips to that orange-and-white-striped paradise a month, or two visits a week.

He deserves his crown, TBH.


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