This couple tied the knot at a famous Austin record store

Nov 15, 2017
Matt McCarroll of Waterloo Records, for 042813mplovejob. Story and photos by Mauri Elbel. For 4/28/13 Marketplace.

It’s easy to spend hours flicking through the shelves at Waterloo Records, trying to score a deal on some vintage vinyl or discover something entirely new. 

One Austin couple spent so much time at Waterloo, they figured they may as well get married there. Grayson Niven and Angelica Collins tied the knot Wednesday morning in the store, according to the store’s Facebook page. 

After a commenter joked that the happy couple should have received a 10 percent off coupon as a gift, Niven responded that they received a free record signed by all the employees in the store. 

Niven wrote on his personal Facebook page that the wedding was likely a surprise to most of their friends and family, but they’ll be renewing their vows on March 3 -- they just couldn’t wait until then to “begin our together forever.”