Texas’ favorite infomercial is giving us bad high school flashbacks

Well, I would have picked the FoodSaver, but you can’t argue with Google Trends, I suppose. According to a new study, the most popular infomercial product in Texas is as clear as your skin is after using the product.

A study by All Home Connections, an AT&T authorized online retailer, found that the most popular infomercial product in the Lone Star State is Proactiv. You know, that supposedly miraculous skin care treatment that they show spots for on MTV all the time. The folks behind the study said they looked up the “top-grossing infomercial products of all time” on Google Trends and collected data for each state over the past 12 months. 

Not familiar with Proactiv? Refresh your memory, as you might refresh your pores with a retanoid acne treatment. Kelly Clarkson swore by it:

So did Jessica Simpson:

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And Justin Bieber, bowl-cut era:

Katy Perry and her “feisty, girl-power charisma” did, too, duh:

Lindsay Lohan and her brother have the same skincare routine, obviously!

And you KNOW 1999 Judith Light is all over Proactiv’s 60-day money back guarantee:

Oregon, Oklahoma, Nevada, Mississippi and California share an affinity with Texas for Proactiv, according to the study. Alas, if only we lived in Vermont, so that we could enjoy those Pajama Jeans. Here’s each state’s favorite infomercial product, according to the study:

  • Alabama: George Foreman Grill
  • Alaska: Magic Bullet
  • Arizona: Cami Secret
  • Arkansas: Shake Weight
  • California: Proactiv
  • Colorado: P90X
  • Connecticut: Nutrisystem
  • Delaware: Snuggie
  • District of Columbia: OxiClean
  • Florida: Slice-o-matic
  • Georgia: Night View Glasses
  • Hawaii: OxiClean
  • Idaho: P90X
  • Illinois: ThighMaster
  • Indiana: Sticky Buddy
  • Iowa: Sticky Buddy
  • Kansas: Ahh Bra
  • Kentucky: P90X
  • Louisiana: Potato Express
  • Maine: Shamwow
  • Maryland: Night View Glasses
  • Massachusetts: Showtime Rotisserie
  • Michigan: Grab It
  • Minnesota: Bowl Light
  • Mississippi: Proactiv
  • Missouri: Ped Egg
  • Montana: P90X
  • Nebraska: P90X
  • Nevada: Proactiv
  • New Hampshire: My Pillow
  • New Jersey: Nutrisystem
  • New Mexico: Proactiv
  • New York: Aluma wallet
  • North Carolina: Sani Sticks
  • North Dakota: George Foreman Grill
  • Ohio: Ped Egg
  • Oklahoma: Proactiv
  • Oregon: Proactiv
  • Pennsylvania: Grab It
  • Rhode Island: Magic Bullet
  • South Carolina: Sticky Buddy
  • South Dakota: Total Gym
  • Tennessee: Proactiv
  • Texas: Proactiv
  • Utah: P90X
  • Vermont: Pajama Jeans
  • Virginia: Sani Sticks
  • Washington: ThighMaster
  • West Virginia: Shake Weight
  • Wisconsin: P90X
  • Wyoming: Bowflex

And because I cannot let things go, please watch the FoodSaver commercial and see how wrong Texans are to spurn it in favor of acne medication. You can crush a whole bag of cans! Think of the power!


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