REVIEW: Alvvays is just as light live, and it’s all good


REVIEW: Alvvays is just as light live, and it’s all good

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Gavin Keen/Gavin Keen
Press photo of Alvvays.

There wasn’t a fog machine at Alvvays’ Tuesday night Mohawk show, but lead singer Molly Rankin’s voice still seemed like it was making its way through a thick haze.

It wasn’t your ear buds. The band’s signature light-as-air sound was just as fuzzy live. Alvvays does not pack a punch. But the dream-pop group, whose 2014 debut album’s success seemed to surprise even them, never really claimed to. 

When Rankin first looked up at the crowd to say, “This is awesome,” it was as breezy as her sung plea to “just stay here with me” in “Party Police.” 

And the Mohawk loved it. The venue was packed, and its patrons’ attention never wavered from Rankin’s white-blonde head. Alvvays fans, however, are a lot like the band -- real, real chill. 

One of the few super fans was a girl scream-singing next to me who changed the lyrics in the band’s most popular song, “Archie, Marry Me,” to say “Marry me, Molly,” and didn’t notice at all when she dropped cigarette ash from the balcony onto the heads of those below. 

Alvvays ~ finally got to see them after years of missing out. . . . @alvvaysband for @trackrambler

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Alvvays played an even mix of songs from their first album and their new and similarly acclaimed “Antisocialites.” The weather was really nice outside. So were the fans, and I don’t know why, but the encore, which ended with, “So what? Who cares?” seemed especially polite. 

Float back around anytime, Alvvays. 

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