Never fear: Willie Nelson is up and kicking — literally kicking things

Two important facts about Willie Nelson, the closest thing Austin has to a canonized saint. First, the country singer recently canceled a string of February tour dates to recover from the flu. Second, he is a black belt in Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

Those two things help explain how relieving a picture tweeted Sunday by Nelson’s son, Lukas, was to fans of the Red Headed Stranger. Though one must admit, the photo’s breathtaking majesty truly holds up on its own.

He’s doin’ fine, folks.

“My dad is a badass ... resting in Maui and feeling much better, according to him .. thanks to everyone who’s been asking how he is!” Lukas Nelson tweeted to caption a photo of his father landing a blurry kick on a boxing speed bag. 

This is the kind of photo from which myths are born. How will you explain to your children that Willie’s foot is too fast to be captured by modern camera lenses? Is that lens flare actually proof that he is the protagonist of classic anime “Fist of the North Star”? A question for archaeologists of the future.

Slide into those mentions, Willie fans.

Get ’em, Willie.


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