You talk, you text, you get shot in Alamo Drafthouse’s new ‘Free Fire’-themed PSA


You talk, you text, you get shot in Alamo Drafthouse’s new ‘Free Fire’-themed PSA

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Alamo Drafthouse patrons know one thing above all others— don’t talk, text or be disruptive during a movie, or you will get kicked out. 

That rule has been one of the Austin-based theater chain’s building blocks since its inception, but sometimes, patrons still need a little reminder.

That’s where the theater’s famed “Don’t Talk or Text” public service announcements come in. Everyone from Kyle Chandler (as “Friday Night Lights” coach Eric Taylor) to former Texas Gov. Ann Richards has participated in the filmed PSAs that screen before every movie at the Drafthouse. And this week, the boys from “Free Fire” got to become a part of that legacy.

“Free Fire,” Ben Wheatley’s star-studded stylistic shootout, debuted at South By Southwest this year. Our reviewer called it “a cartoonishly bloody ballet with constantly rising stakes and continually bruising egos.”

So it was only fitting that their version of an anti-talking/texting PSA involved paintball guns, Tim League, and beer.

In the video, “Free Fire” stars Armie Hammer and Sharlto Copely and director Ben Wheatley take up arms to shoot up a theater talker— in this case, that talker is Alamo CEO Tim League, clad in cardboard armor and a protective cup, holding onto a beer for dear life.

It looks like it hurt.

Check out the video below.

And remember, don’t text or talk in the theater.

“Free Fire” comes to Alamo Drafthouses and other theaters April 21.


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