Wilson from ‘Cast Away’ has popped up at a South Austin intersection

  • Sierra Juarez
1:24 p.m Friday, Sept. 22, 2017 Movies

If you’re in South Austin, you may want to consider making a stop at the corner of Alpine Road and Wilson Street. A clever Austinite, who may have watched “Cast Away” one too many times, duct taped a Wilson look-alike volleyball to the intersection’s street sign.  

Tom Hanks lovers know what we’re talking about. “Cast Away,” a 2000 drama, centers on Hanks, who was lost and attempting to survive in the middle of the ocean after a plane crash. Utterly alone while he was cast out (get it?) in the ocean, Hanks turned to a volleyball he found on an island. He named it Wilson, and from then on, the movie was punctuated with dramatic calls for his volleyball friend. 

Looking eerily like the movie’s volleyball, our Austin Wilson is said to have been watching over the intersection for months. 

Reddit users seem to enjoy the “Cast Away” tribute. User Raraiza15 put it simply, “Austin is good sometimes.”

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