Watch: Pennywise from ‘It’ dancing to pop music may make you reconsider your clown phobia

“It” -- the film adaptation of Stephen King’s sprawling novel -- continues to dominate the box office. And as is so often the case in our social media-immersed culture, once something become popular, it gets turned into a meme.

In this case, terrifying, child-chomping clown Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgaard) is ... dancing to pop music?

Just stick with me -- it’s worth it.

Here’s the original scene from the movie, in which Pennywise torments Beverly with a little creepy carnival jig.

Yep, terrifying. But what if we change up the soundtrack? Twitter user @Pennywise_Dance started doing just that Sept. 12.

Fancy Pennywise and “Cotton Eye Joe”?

How about my favorite song from 1985, A-ha’s “Take on Me”?

Does Euro disco make Pennywise more or less horrifying?

Now other Twitter users are starting to get in on the Pennywise Dancing fun.

Hilarious? Yes. Less terrifying? Maybe not.


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