Austin-shot ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ is here! (Well, the trailer is.)

Dec 11, 2017
Rosa Salazar and a LOT of CGI as the title character in "Alita: Battle Angel." (photo: 20th Century Fox)

The trailer for “Alita: Battle Angel” has arrived and hooooeeee, it is certainly a trailer for “Alita: Battle Angel.”

It could not be more a trailer for “Alita” if it tried. The valley, it is uncanny.

Adapted from Yukita Kishiro’s increasingly-legendary ‘90s manga “Battle Angel Alita” and a passion project for producer James Cameron for many, many years, “Alita” was produced and co-written by Cameron and directed and co-written by Austin’s own Robert Rodriguez (who usually doesn’t direct from anything but his own scripts).

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Shot on an enormous set outside of Austin from late 2016 to early 2017, this production was extremely hush-hush from the start-- if you happened upon someone who was working on the thing and asked them what was up, they would back away from you slowly, shaking their heads and making that universal symbol for “zipped-lips.”

The movie is slated to open July 2018.