13 things to keep in mind when thinking about the Han Solo movie controversy

June 23, 2017
The cast of the Han Solo solo movie, perhaps in happier, more improvisational times

The Disney-firing-the-directors-of-the-Han-Solo-movie story just keeps chugging along.

In sum:

Several outlets reported on Tuesday that Disney had fired (yes, fired) directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (“The Lego Movie”) off of the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars spin-off movie. 

On Thursday, the Hollywood Reporter reported that Ron Howard, one of the most well-respected mainstream directors of his generation, has been hired to replace them. Lord and Miller had been directing the movie for, as the HR put it, “over four-and-a-half months...Creative differences over style and tone came to a head between the duo and Lawrence Kasdan, with the studio backing the veteran screenwriter.” It is incredibly rare to replace a director this late in the process. The Director’s Guild may have to get involved to figure out who gets credit for this thing. 

As the story in Entertainment Weekly noted, “The consensus, however, is that the filmmakers were encouraging significant improvisation from the actors, which some at Lucasfilm believed was shifting the story off-course.”

Here are a few things to think about given this development: 

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An actor unhappy with his part. And Rey.

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