Practice your mean mug with Ilana Glazer and Jillian Bell in Alamo Drafthouse’s latest ‘Don’t Talk, Don’t Text’ PSA

By now, if you’re an Alamo Drafthouse patron, you know the deal: Don’t talk. Don’t text. Don’t arrive late. Now, the stars of the new comedy “Rough Night” want to add a new command to the Drafthouse rulebook: If you do see someone talking or texting, throw them your best mean mug or stink-eye.

To promote “Rough Night,” Ilana Glazer and Jillian Bell were selected to make the latest “Don’t Talk, Don’t Text” PSA. And they came with some patented “rough looks” that you can employ if someone is talking.

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“If the person next to you is talking or texting, don’t tell them to shut their piehole,” Glazer says in the video. 

“And don’t text them to stop texting, because then you become the problem you’re trying to solve,” Bell adds.

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Instead, what you should do is throw that person a “rough look,” which basically means use your best shocked and indignant face, preferably with an eye roll and a gasp.

As Bell puts it, “Be the nasty look you want to see in the world.”

See the full video here:

“Rough Night” hits theaters this Friday. Read a review of the film at


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