Late night at Whataburger near Houston — taquitos, fries, $1,000 in free money

It’s late on a Saturday night. You’re in a Whataburger in a suburb southwest of Houston. A young man steps up onto a bench seat and yells “Hey, shut the (expletive) up!” 

What happens next?

Not what you think.

He throws $1,000 worth of cash — “Take my money!” — toward the frozen diners, who quickly scramble toward the bills fluttering to the floor.

That’s what happened last Saturday night in Missouri City when Houston rappers Denzo and Trillzaee decided they were going give away money to the people.

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That was Trillzaee throwing the cash as Denzo recorded the event and posted it to Twitter — where it quickly become something of a sensation.

"When we first, first did it, I didn't think we were going to do more locations until the reaction,” Denzo told Houston TV station Fox 26. “We posted it and everybody started sending their location so we like, yeah let's do it.”

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That’s right, they say they are going to do it again, though they Denzo did sound nervous about creating trouble for Whataburger in his interview with Fox 26: “ I don't want to mess up people's business and get people rowdy inside.”

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