ILYSM Ep. 45: Tara Ariano on ATX Television Fest and the peak-TV landscape

Why does TV matter so much to us? How is producing or critiquing television different in the peak TV era ? In this week's episode of "I Love You So Much: The Austin360 Podcast," we dig into the joys of television ahead of the ATX Television Fest.

Joining us in the studio is Tara Ariano, an Austinite who helped pioneer the TV recap format as one of the creators of the website Television Without Pity and who continues to evolve it with write-ups and podcasts at In a segment with co-hosts Tolly Moseley and Omar L. Gallaga, Tara talked about how TV criticism continues to evolve with the medium itself and how the small details — like music — can make or break any show.

One of the highlights of the festival this year is a "Felicity" reunion, which got Tolly and co-host Addie Broyles thinking: Why are coming-of-age shows so memorable? They chatted with Felicity megafan (and features editor) Sharon Chapman about the other shows that influenced us in our journey toward adulthood, and why we continue to watch them, long after we've "grown up."

Austinite Phil West wrote about the United States men's soccer team and its rising and falling fortunes in his new book, "I Believe That We Will Win." He's a guest on the "I Love You So Much" podcast talking about this year's World Cup. (The Overlook Press)

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Millions of eyes will be glued to the TV this summer as the World Cup takes place in Russia. Even if you’re not a soccer-obsessed fan, you'll probably catch some of the action somewhere, so we brought in "The United States of Soccer" author Phil West to explain what we should be looking for, even though Team USA isn't in competition, and which bars and restaurants will have the best watch parties.

If you're all TV'd out this year, maybe it's time to go see a cinematic classic in a classic cinema. With the Paramount Summer Movie Series already underway, we checked in with Statesman culture writer Joe Gross about which movies you should try to catch there this summer and why it's so fun to watch a movie in an old-school theater.

In our Toast recommendation segment, Omar couldn't say enough about a new cardboard cut-out set of toys from Nintendo called Nintendo Labo, which works with your Nintendo Switch and has already provided hours of hands-on creative play to his young daughters. Addie shared her secret sauce for summer: Calimochos, a boozy red wine cooler that is one of the most popular drinks in Spain, especially this time of year. Tolly, fresh off a weekend of birthday parties, recommended organizing your friends and family to contribute money for an experiential birthday gift that would be too much for any one person to give.

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