ILYSM Ep. 25: ‘Heavy Friending’ with Joe Barlow and Laura Lee Bishop, ‘I, Tonya’ and dogs in the workplace

What does it mean to be a good friend? Why do we connect with certain people and not others? In this week's podcast episode, we interview KXAN’s Joe Barlow and musician Laura Lee Bishop, who have started a podcast called "Heavy Friending" to document the process of becoming friends.

From getting drunk together to becoming friends on Facebook, Barlow and Bishop are just at the beginning of the process, but they've made some pretty big leaps in just a few months. He attended her wedding; she asked him to be in her music video. It's a clear win, right? Not so fast, both of them say. Listen to their chat with hosts Addie Broyles and Tolly Moseley to find out why.

Co-host Omar L. Gallaga gathered with film critic Joe Gross and features editor (and figure skating fanatic) Sharon Chapman to unpack "I, Tonya," the new Tonya Harding biopic that is making audiences laugh, cry and also grapple with the 1994 scandal that dominated that year's Winter Olympics. The film has the infamous skater's full approval, which makes the real-life plot even more intriguing.

Former KVUE anchor Olga Campos Benz came to the studio to read an excerpt from her debut novel, "It's News to Me," a fictional story from the world of TV news, and Austin360 web producer Katey Psencik joined us for this week's Webb Report, where we talked about what role dogs are now playing in the Statesman's newsroom.

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Dogs are now regular visitors in the Austin American-Statesman newsroom when employees sign up to have them in the office. (Katey Psencik)

In this week's Toast segment, Tolly recommends the New Yorker short story, "Cat Person," a fictionalized account of modern dating whose author has already drawn a book deal from the article. Bishop, whose music you can find at, shared her enthusiasm for the Kale Mary, a drink at the South Austin restaurant Vinaigrette that is made with kale juice instead of tomato juice or bloody mary mix. "It's like a meal in a glass," she says. Barlow recommended "Hunting Hilter," a History Channel documentary series based on declassified FBI documents that call into question what happened during Hitler's last days. He says you can stream it on Netflix, all two seasons.

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