ILYSM Ep. 24: Austin Kleon on unlocking creativity;  Nils Juul-Hansen on 'Hygge'

Dec 22, 2017
Austin author Austin Kleon joined "I Love You So Much" hosts Addie Broyles, left, and Tolly Moseley for a conversation about creativity, productivity and finding that elusive work/life balance.

You might know Austin Kleon through his newspaper blackout poems or maybe someone gave you a copy of one of his bestselling books, "Show Your Work" or "Steal Like an Artist," for Christmas last year.

Kleon, who is our lead guest in this week's episode of the "I Love You So Much" podcast, is an illustrator, author and writer who spends every day thinking about the creative process. He's always honing his own efforts to consume and create content in a way that leaves him fulfilled and inspired to keep doing the same the next day.

In this week's show, he shares practical advice on nurturing your creativity and finding good work habits in the new year and why social media is one of the biggest barriers to unlocking our own creative process.

Have you heard about the Danish concept of hygge? Nils Juul-Hansen is a local photographer who was born and raised in Denmark, and he joined us to explain why Americans are so obsessed with this idea of inner warmth and intimacy.

Sweet John Muehlbauer tells us about his last year playing Buddy the Elf in his annual holiday trip to New York City for charity

In this week’s Webb Report, we hear from web producer Katey Psencik about why “The Holiday” and “Love Actually” have become such Christmas classics and why “The Holiday” is actually a better movie.

In our "Toast" segment, Kleon recommends taking notes in the shower with AquaNotes, Tolly Moseley shares her love of Chatbooks, a website she has used to print books filled with Instagram photos of her family, and Addie Broyles makes the pitch for learning how to play the ukulele.

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