ILSYM Ep. 10: Ruby Willmann and Shannon Stott on Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival has been in full swing this week, and on our latest episode of “I Love You So Much,” we hear from executive producer Ruby Willmann and performer Shannon Stott about how the shows have changed over the years and why comedy matters to a city like Austin. 

If you’re into “Game of Thrones,” you won’t want to miss Joe Gross and Phil Jankowski break down the season seven finale in all its thrilling (and gross-out) glory. We also have a special segment from Austin author Christopher Brown reading from his new political thriller “Tropic of Kansas,” a book about what happens − on both sides − when a country closes off its borders. 

With all the Hurricane Harvey madness, we didn’t record a Webb Report this week, but we did ask Brown to share some of his favorite things this week in The Toast, our recommendations that we share at the end of every episode. Find our first 10 shows and info at our home page or on Twitter @LoveAustin360.

A special request for ILYSM listeners who have been around for an episode or two: We are always on the hunt for Austin cold opens − you know, those intros to the show where people talk about what keeps Austin near and dear to their hearts. If you want to send us one, all you have to do it record about 30 seconds of yourself on the voice memo feature of your phone and email it to You could also call us at 512-445-3672 and leave a voice message. 

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Channel your inner Matthew McConaughey and go with what your gut says is what connects you to Austin. Keep it short and to the point and end with your name and “This is ‘I Love You So Much’.” We’re not StoryCorps (yet), but recording everyday Austinites talking about their love of this place feels important in an era where we spend so much time speaking via emoji and GIFs. Thanks ahead of time if you decide to submit something! 

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