Gayle King had a better weekend in Austin than you


Gayle King had a better weekend in Austin than you

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(Photo by: Nina Westervelt)

F1 took Austin by storm this weekend. But television personality and editor-at-large of her best friend’s magazine, Gayle King, weathered it like a true Austinite. 

King, who attended the races with her son, posted a series of pictures of her Austin weekend to Instagram. If King wasn’t familiar with how we do things here, you wouldn’t know it. 

She started off her night with a pedicab ride to Sixth Street:

It’s going to be an interesting weekend ....

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Heyyyyyy loook who’s here !

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Where, of course, she took a picture with a police horse and learned some “dance tips” from a few of the street’s window dancers: 

Austin! Officer Parnell promotes peace -horse friendly too.. swipe right for dance tips ...

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She capped the experience with an essential slice of Roppolo’s pizza, noting that her son prefers his dipped in ranch: 

In the picture’s caption King mentioned that the 1 a.m. slice was going to cost her quite a few Weight Watchers points, and added “I’m not proud.” A real Austinite knows being ashamed of your street-za is part of the experience.

King also shared some pictures of her and her son at the Circuit of the Americas Sunday watching the race, and a few of champion Lewis Hamilton:

@lewishamilton right BEFORE the @f1 race in Austin sure looks like a winner to me ...

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Other familiar faces who made it out to the race this year included former President Bill Clinton and Olympian Usain Bolt

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