Former Austinite carries stuffed peacock on train, Internet goes wild

Peacocks! Who doesn’t love them?

The internet enjoyed the heck out of this dude riding the subway with a full-grown peacock under his arm.

Turns out this fellow is Reddit user BarFreddys

“Haha, no it's the mascot of a bar I run in Tribeca called Weather Up," he wrote. "The owner Kathryn is the blonde woman to right of me, she's the owner of the peacock. It's also stuffed, come to the bar for a beer.”

There is also a Weather Up in Austin, in case you were wondering where we were going with this.

Mr. BarFreddys used to be an Austinite (“Went to high school in Austin, no college, been working in bars since I was 16. Go Longhorns/Bears/Dr.Pepper!’).

Actually, our man hits the Texas thing kind of hard. To wit, from his Reddit comments:

“I run a bar in nyc, first thing I did was make lonestar the only bottled beer we carried” and prefers Lone Star over Shiner (“I like lone star because it excels at being [lousy] and crushable”). 

(He also sells Lone Star for $5/bottle at Weather Up - -you may make your own joke here.)

As for Austin, well, as BarFreddy’s put it: “Austin has changed a tremendous amount since my departure. In austin people are less concerned with shallow things, in New york people only care about your peacock.”

I have some bad news  for you, sir. We are ALL ABOUT shallow things and your peacock.

Salut, peacock bar guy!



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