Bumble organizes ACL Fest vacation for 6 women taken on back-to-back dates


Bumble organizes ACL Fest vacation for 6 women taken on back-to-back dates

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Exterior of Bumble's Austin headquarters on Wednesday August 24th, 2017.Erika Rich for American-Statesman

Remember the guy who invited six women on back-to-back dates in the same night, then the women all became friends and shunned the guy?

Let me refresh your memory: It all started when Lisette Pylant scheduled a date with a man she met on her birthday, but his next date showed up just 45 minutes later because he’d double-booked his dates. 

So, Pylant proceeds to find out that not only had he double-booked his dates, he’d sextuple-booked his dates. He scheduled six back-to-back dates with different women. The best part? The six women joined forces to teach the guy a lesson, and they all became friends. “John Tucker Must Die” style. 

So, it turns out two of his dates were women he’d met on Bumble, an Austin-based dating app. Bumble’s Head of Brand, Alex Williamson el-Effendi, caught wind of the story and decided to drop the women a line. 

I spoke to one of the girls on the phone shortly after their story surfaced. I was so moved by the way that these women handled this horrible date: they protected one another from the experience and rallied around each other in support. Instead of being competitive, they became friends with each other and their actions embodied Bumble's ethos of kindness and inclusivity. We had the best time meeting them and we continue to be inspired by their story of female empowerment.

So to encourage the friendship, Bumble sent the women to Austin City Limits Music Festival.

"I had an absolutely wonderful time visiting Austin and getting to know the Bumble team IRL,” Pylant told Elite Daily.

Now that’s making the best of a bad situation.

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