Fusebox Festival 2014 will be FREE to attend

Feb 07, 2017

The increasingly spiffier hybrid performance art festival known as Fusebox is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year with a brilliant shake-up to the typical relationship between arts organization and audience.

The 2014 Fusebox Festival will be entirely free for any and all to attend. No admission necessary. None. Nada.

Fusebox founder and artistic director Ron Berry made the announcement Tuesday night at a special event. Berry and Fusebox supporters have launched a $20,ooo Kickstarter campaign to fund the initiative, called Free Range Art.

“Fusebox has been exploring (free admission) as an idea for several years,” Berry said. “With no admission fees, the festival becomes an experience with fewer barriers from the outset.”

Since the festival’s inception, a portion of Fusebox events have always been offered as free, but not the busy schedule of international performance-based art and happenings will be entirely free.

It’s worth reading the FAQ’s about Fusebox’s Free Range Art initiative including the reasoning behind free programming and how reservations for the usually intimate shows will be handled. A few of the highlights of Fusebox’s well-considered thinking:

Fusebox 2014 runs April 16-27, 2014. See www.fuseboxfestival.com for info.