The restaurant industry has received some of the hardest economic hits during the coronavirus pandemic. The governor closed dining rooms in March, though restaurants were allowed to reopen with 50% capacity in May. The capacity limits were raised to 75% in June, though some restaurants have kept their capacity at 50% or chosen not to reopen indoor dining at all.

Takeout-only, limited seating and diners’ reservations about the safety of indoor dining rooms have all led to a decrease in sales and some permanent closures. Below is a running list of restaurants that have closed (or announced pending closures) permanently since mid-March.

Some of the closures are a direct and immediate result of the coronavirus; for some the pandemic was a final straw; and for others the timing was a coincident, with a restaurant having already planned to close due to an expiring lease etc.

• Magnolia Cafe West (April)

• Threadgill’s (April)

• North by Northwest (April)

• Lucy’s Fried Chicken on Lake Travis (April)

• Fricano’s Deli (April)

• Veracruz All Natural on US 183 (April)

• Blue Dahlia (May)

• Shady Grove (May)

• Cafe Josie (May)

• Yuyo (May)

• Pitchfork Pretty (June)

• Daruma Ramen (June)

• Dart Bowl (July)

• The Brewer’s Tale (July)

• Luby’s on Brodie Lane (August)

• B.D. Riley’s (August)

• Kyoten Sushiko (September)

• Veggie Heaven (September)

• P. Terry’s downtown (September)

• Mother’s Cafe (October)

• Holy Roller (October)